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Our Team


Robyn Sheldon

Midwife, author and Compassionate Birth Project Director

Robyn Sheldon is a midwife specializing in guiding pregnant parents to connect to their unborn babies, and to find the trust that will enable them to labour well. Her birth preparation classes assist parents to create sacred and meaningful births for themselves and their babies.

Robyn’s book, “The Mama Bamba Way”, describes her birthing philosophies and brings her practice to thousands of parents across the world.

Incorporating a variety of disciplines, Robyn has a formal education in Humanities, Soul Integration Therapy, Midwifery, Teaching and Art. She has more than 25 years of in-depth experience in meditation practice and is a certified Biodanza dance facilitator.


Justine Evans

Clinical psychologist and Compassionate Birth Project Director

Justine Evans has worked as a clinical psychologist since she qualified in 1998. She worked as a trainer at The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture in Cape Town for 14 months, and in the National Health Service in Scotland as a primary health clinical psychologist for three years.

Since becoming a mother in 2002, she has worked part-time in private practice; provided training and supervision to clinical psychology masters students; assisted in the foundation and directorship of the Institute for Mindfulness South Africa (IMISA); and helped to develop classes for pregnant women and their partners (Mama Bamba) with midwife, Robyn Sheldon. She holds a particular interest in perinatal mental health and has volunteered and consulted to the Perinatal Mental Health Project, based in Mowbray Maternity Hospital, since 2007.


Zann Hoad

Zann Hoad is an industrial psychologist and currently  the CEO of Sharp Sharp Media and has 25 years project management experience in content development, publishing and distribution in the fields of primary health care, HIV / AIDS, environment and education.

Zann has undertaken pioneering work in the research and development, training and distribution of educational content and project management  for Primedia, GCIS, Financial Services Board, Food and Trees for Africa, Soul City, SAN Parks, SABC Education, Department of Transport and Department of Health – HIV/AIDS Directorate.

Zann has extensive knowledge in working with public / private sector partnerships.



Ruth Ehrhardt

Midwife, Author and Compassionate Birth Project Director

Ruth Ehrhardt is a Certified Professional Midwife (NARM), a doula, and a Helping Babies Breathe facilitator and trainer.

With colleague Lana Petersen, she started Home Birth South Africa in 2010,  a web database for those seeking information and advice on home birth in South Africa. Together, they also run the Cape Town Home Birth Gatherings, a quarterly gathering for those seeking information and support on home birth in Cape Town and surrounds.

She is the author of The Basic Needs of a Woman in Labour, a book based on the work of Dr Michel Odent and which explores the hormone oxytocin and the environmental factors that affect it. She also works with Robyn Sheldon, Caitlyn Collins and Alexia Van Der Velde facilitating Compassion tutorials for 4th and 5th-year medical students at the University of Cape Town. She currently works with Marianne Littlejohn of Birthrite Midwifery and is part of the team that organises The Cape Town Midwifery and Birth Conference. Her personal website and blog is www.truemidwifery.com


Caitlyn Collins

Certified Professional Midwife and Compassion Course facilitator

Caitlyn Collins is a mother of three children, a Certified Professional Midwife (NARM), and a doula (WOMBS).

She has recently completed an externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, with the vision of bringing physical and emotional health closer together for women.

She is passionate about women’s stories and is always amazed at how our birth stories are never forgotten, no matter our age.

She has been facilitating groups of medical students at the University of Cape Town, focusing on the topic of compassion for the past 5 years.


Trisha Lord

Facilitator and Coach

Trisha Lord is passionately committed to the difference communication makes to the human experience. She guides individuals and teams to discover and commit to goals that inspire and motivate them. Trisha coaches and trains people to follow through by learning tools and methodologies to translate their visions and goals into reality, forming a sustainable relationship with their own ability to produce consistent results. Trisha believes that, when listened to and treated with compassion and respect, people are innately capable of and committed to fulfilling their potential

Trisha has designed and facilitated programmes that impact on personal effectiveness for the last 28 years. People report that over 85% of their difficulties at work stem from problems in relationship with other people. “Relationship is the source of results is the foundation of all of Trisha’s work.


Zinzile Seepie

Doula, Mother and Birth Activist

Zinzile Seepie describes herself as a full-on, sold-out, birth addict dedicated to restoring women to their power, strength and glory with regards to their innate ability to gently birth healthy babies. She believes that every birth counts, every mom counts, every baby counts and every dad or partner counts… in the war to save the splendour of the natural birth experience of women babies, men and society.

Zinzile’s love for birth stems from the unmedicated birth of her son. Born at 41weeks gestation, 4kg with the cord wrapped around his neck, her precious boy taught her the true purpose of being a woman. She was advised repeatedly to have a ceasar as he was just too big…but she knew in her spirit that “we” could do this. She knew that she needed to experience this and that it would influence her destiny. Jedi did not disappoint her in gifting her with the unbelievable valour, honour, dignity and pride of natural birth. After his birth she promptly resigned from her career as a town planner and now dedicates her days to him and to birthing women.

Zinzile’s message to them is “You are not alone”.