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Retreat MOU Thinking Circles


Trisha Lord, a member of the Global Faculty of Thinking Environment Teachers has been working with the staff of Retreat Maternity and Obstetrics Unit on a monthly basis since August 2015.


The monthly facilitated circle discussions at Retreat MOU are designed in response to the understanding that the quality of our actions and results is being continuously shaped and influenced by the quality of our thinking together.  And the quality of the thinking and engagement we experience amongst team members is generated by the quality of our relationships and connection with ourselves and our colleagues.  It makes sense, therefore, to say that the quality of our results depends on the quality of our relationships.   An MOU is a busy, challenging, oftentimes stressful place to work.  Apart from the availability of necessary resources: equipment, supplies, etc. to get done the job of caring for birthing mothers and their babies, the other most important ingredient to producing a successful service is to support and care-take the team’s relationship – their communication with and connection to one another.   This is the purpose of the circle.  To connect, to share, to think and feel together.