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In This Moment I can Only Love you

In this moment I can only love you.

I can only be there for you. Open my heart. And just be.

Open. Empty.

You grip my hand, tightly, your nails digging into my flesh.

You are on your knees, on the floor. Your body bearing down. All concepts and ideas of how to birth are gone and all you can do is just be with your body. Allow your body to just take over.

I am here.

And yet I am not.

I try to disappear because the space you are taking up is huge.


The universe groans as it makes space for you to birth this baby.

It does feel as though time suspends itself. It really does.

Nothing else can exist in this moment.

I have to become nothing. Empty. Open hearted. Here. and nowhere else. For you.

You are incredible. Amazing. Did you know that you were capable of this?

I am in awe.

In this moment. I can only love you


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